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Often the best way to help your children and your family is to get support and assistance for yourself.

Families come in all different forms and are constantly changing and evolving. One of the defining characteristics of families is that the individuals are connected by deep emotional bonds.

Parents have the most important job in the world. Is there anything we do in our lifetimes that is more significant than how we raise our kids? It’s a challenging, full-time job that lasts throughout our lives, no matter how old our children get. While parenting presents us with struggles and trials, it also offers us many rewards that can last a lifetime.

Family therapy is an approach to psychological health and wellbeing that takes account of the important connections between family member’s, relationship dynamics and the important role that communication plays in creating healthy family environments. This approach identifies and builds on the inherent strengths in a family and invites new perspectives while teaching skills to help individuals and the family as a unit to adapt to changes and grow together.

Family therapy frequently engages with parents in counselling even when a particular child might be having difficulties, the idea being that parents are often best placed to understand and implement any needed changes in the functioning of the family. Sometimes the whole family or combinations of members may attend sessions as this can allow different experiences and perspectives to be acknowledged and bring about positive change in how problems are seen and so responded to more effectively.

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