Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

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The quality of relationships with family, workmates, friends and intimates are central to how you experience your life. Our sense of who we are and our self esteem is closely tied to how well we think we are doing in our relationships.

Relationships counselling is much more than just learning “good communication” or getting over a “failed relationship.”  A skilled therapist helps you focus constructively on how you feel and behave with the key people in your life.  It’s a process of recognising your own expectations, style, and beliefs and how these come together to co-create your unique relationships, past present and into the future.  Relationships are mysterious, the source of our greatest joy and our greatest pain.

Nick has a deep passion and respect for working with individuals, couples and families using a relational perspective. His enthusiasm is backed up by extensive relevant qualifications, supervision and practice in family, couple and relationship therapy. See qualifications

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What makes a Healthy Relationship?

1. Seek the dynamic balance between friendship, passion and commitment
2. Be curious about your partner’s hopes, dreams and fears (and share yours!)
3. Work on being yourself and allow your partner to be themselves
4. Play and Work together, share a passion and a project
5. Develop and cherish your own relationship style
6. Value difference as a sign of the uniqueness of the other
7. Listen to the other until you understand.