Stress and Anxiety

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There is no way to escape the simple reality that anxiety and stress is part of life. But feelings and reactions of stress and anxiety do not have to control your life. You do not have to let fear, panic, painful memories and worry take you away from doing the things that are important to you in your life.

Like most people you have probably already done many different things to manage or reduce your panic, fears, worries and tension.
What if it’s the way in which we struggle to control and manage anxiety that is part of the problem?

ACT or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy provides a new approach to work with anxiety and stress. ACT is powerful set of research supported strategies and skills to help people bring acceptance, compassion and gentleness to their unpleasant thoughts, memories and self perceptions.

You don’t have to act on your anxiety and it doesn’t need to drive what you do. As much as you feel like running from intense anxiety, you can learn to act differently. You can learn to watch anxious feelings and worrisome thoughts and not do what they seem to be telling you to do.

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