Nick is able to develop and run Courses and Workshops on a range of interesting topic and skill areas where he has particular expertise and resources. A consummate presenter and skilled group facilitator with over 25 years in training and lecturing in University, corporate and community settings. 

Programs are designed to engage participants in active learning and practice of skills to improve performance and satisfaction at work and in personal living. Examples of short courses include:

  • Relaxation and meditation for peak intellectual performance
  • Emotional intelligence for building positive relationships
  • Responding creatively to workplace change
  • Positive Parenting

Community or Workplace Wellness Courses are available that address specific concerns and issues affecting mental health and wellbeing including:

  • Living well – overcoming anxiety and depression.
  • Building positive relationships
  • Men and Relationships

Nick is also available to give group practice sessions and in house training at workplaces in introduction to simple Yoga practices and Mindfulness Meditation.

Please contact on (02) 4234 3486 or mob 0411 227779 or email